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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis is a formal, systematic process of identifying and evaluating training that should be done, or specific needs of an individual or group of employees, customers, suppliers, etc. Needs are often referred to as “gaps,” or the difference between what is currently done and what should be performed. Also referred to as Gap Analysis, or Needs Assessment.

Market Development

Market development is a growth strategy that involves selling your existing products or services to a new group of customers. It begins with market research where you: carry out a segmentation analysis of your existing market. shortlist those market segments which you feel you should pursue

Policy Analysis

Policy analysis is a technique used in public administration to enable civil servants, activists, and others to examine and evaluate the available options to implement the goals of laws and elected officials. The process is also used in the administration of large organizations with complex policies.

Project Monitoring & Evaluations

Project monitoring and evaluation enables you to identify and mitigate issues that may impact the project scope, quality, timeline, or budget. You can then take those insights and use them to optimize processes for future projects

Research and Analysis

Takudzwa Gwaze analyzes your research findings and research methodology to validate and quantify your work, and presents your data in a clear, credible way, improving the transparency of your research and increasing reproducibility.

Capacity and organizational development

Organizational capacity development is an intentional, collaborative effort to strengthen an organization's processes, knowledge, relationships, assets, or behaviors to improve its performance.

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