Takudzwa M. Gwaze

Offering Policy Consultancy Services

TGM provides research and advisory services to private institutions, policy makers and public institutions in the areas of policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to help create economic policy analysis...


Takudzwa M. Gwaze

Political Consultancy Services and Advisory

Gwaze offers a contrarian political advisory and strategies to political parties and individuals running for public office in different geographical locations, countries, and regions. The respect for the rule of law, good governance...


Public/Private Sector

Transformation Through Innovation & Research

About Takudzwa

Helping create modern, environmentally friendly business models, strategies, and solutions for private and public enterprises

Mr. Takudzwa Mudzingwa Gwaze is a young think tank and a pre-eminent thinker who influence critical decision-makers in public policy, sustainable business, and strategic governance in private-public enterprises. He is motivated to accelerate clients' growth and performance and discover opportunities that attract, excite, and enhance sustainability in profit and nonprofit organizations. He is respected for his unique perspectives, balanced contrarian thinking, and ability to turn socio-economic and political insights into investible ideas.

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Takudzwa Gwaze is the most exemplary prolific and pre-eminent thinker who turn socio-economic and political insights into investible ideas.




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Takudzwa has worked for our online business paper for over year now. He is always kind and helpful providing the highest quality, analytical writing with a fast and reliable approach, that can be trusted to be on time and with high value to our readers. Taku has met some very tight deadlines for us. .

Gwaze is just excellent to work with. He has a deep understanding of the business. His expertise was invaluable for Research and Analysis work. I would recommend her service and will use him again!

I Thank you ever so much for doing splendid jobs with us…and I look forward to sending you more of our work and I would not hesitate to recommend you .

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