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Public-private sector transformation through innovation and research.

He helps create modern, environmentally friendly business models, strategies, and solutions for private and public enterprises.

Mr. Takudzwa Mudzingwa Gwaze is a young think tank and a pre-eminent thinker who influence critical decision-makers in public policy, sustainable business, and strategic governance in private-public enterprises. He is motivated to accelerate clients' growth and performance and discover opportunities that attract, excite, and enhance sustainability in profit and nonprofit organizations. He is respected for his unique perspectives, balanced contrarian thinking, and ability to turn socio-economic and political insights into investible ideas.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Project Monitoring and Evaluations, Capacity and Organizational Development

Takudzwa can assist organisations in creating Monitoring and Evaluation programs that are essential when determining the efficiency of projects while using a ccumulated knowledge for overall improvement. He helps improve internal systems and processes that support organization culture, facilitating strategic planning, providing executive coaching, supporting board development and ensuring thoughtful leadership succession

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Research Business

Policy Analysis, Needs Analysis and Market Development

He also helps identifying potential policy options that could address your problem and then comparing those options to choose the most effective, efficient, and feasible. He helps businesses developing a marketing strategy that defines which marketing methods are most effective and planned for the coming period of time, which helps businesses better execute marketing and track the associated results.

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